SurveyTracker Success Stories

Customers have been successfully using Training Technologies and our SurveyTracker software to manage and run their survey projects for many years. This page provides success stories from some of our clients who are using our software!


Nautilus manufactures and markets the Nautilus, BowFlex, StairMaster, Schwinn, and Universal brands of exercise equipment. Prior to SurveyTracker, Nautilus conducted telephone surveys, which were not only time-consuming but it was hard to reach a lot of the respondents by phone.

Nautilus uses SurveyTracker to conduct Customer Satisfaction surveys, Employee and Supervisor Surveys, Product Surveys, Product Price Analysis Surveys, Customer Support Analysis Surveys, and more. The company feels that designing surveys in SurveyTracker is very intuitive and easy. They use the libraries to store information and style layouts so they are easily available for future projects. This makes the marketing department happy with the consistency of appearance and branding.

Nautilus finds SurveyTracker’s reports very useful, especially the ability to provide immediate statistics as soon as the survey launches and response data starts coming in. The reporting and strong analytics give them quick feedback.

The survey services manager stated, “The reporting is absolutely, for me, great. I’m not an Excel wizard. The reporting piece and the ability to export the data as a flat file for someone else is awesome. My boss loves that. The strong reporting and analytics are by far the best part of the software.”

Nautilus feels that SurveyTracker does everything they need to help them conduct and report on surveys. “SurveyTracker was a very good buy for us and it has saved me time. SurveyTracker was a relatively low cost for all the time it saved us doing surveys.”

U.S. Army – Fort Stewart

“Our organization has been using SurveyTracker Software for the past six years to administer surveys installation-wide to our five customer groups via e-mail and paper copy. We now have the option of using the web site to deliver our surveys through kiosks set up at all business centers. The feedback received from surveys administered during the past six years has equipped us with valuable information from which action plans have been developed to implement improvements.”

“Our organization has also taken advantage of the software’s capabilities and designed a process to aggregate customer feedback from a variety of listening posts through out our organization. We collect information from various forums to list the type and number of concerns of our customers. Through using the survey tracker software we were able to not only focus on our local customers but those that are located throughout the world during this critical time of global warfare which ensures that our organization is focusing on the appropriate issues. After forming the appropriate teams and determining what data to input into the system the survey tracker software helps in analysis and reporting of that data.”

“Our goal is to have an automated system for Customer Satisfaction surveys in each service area. This process will equip each major business center with a kiosk where customers can complete an installation wide customer satisfaction survey that will be aggregated and reported quarterly at formal reviews.”

“In support of our endeavors to use this software to its maximum capacity we continue to send employees for training and train locally in order to take advantage of all opportunities of this software to enhance our organization. We have been totally pleased with this software and feel that it has enabled us to become more efficient and effective in meeting customer needs.”

Bickmore Risk Services

“Bickmore Risk Services is a risk consulting company that provides safety and loss control services to both public and private self-insured groups in California. Prior to using SurveyTracker, we conducted Employee Safety Perception Surveys using fill-in the bubble paper surveys and analyzing the results in-house. With over 2000 respondents on some surveys, the time spent collecting and analyzing the results would take over two weeks. Since we purchased the SurveyTracker Network Version, we can now collect and analyze surveys in a matter hours instead of weeks.”

“Besides conducting safety perception surveys, we learned that SurveyTracker can really be used for any project that requires data collection. For instance, we are now using SurveyTracker to conduct online registration for training sessions and for the course evaluations at the end of training sessions. We have also begun to use SurveyTracker to survey our clients regarding their satisfaction with the services that we provide.”

“As of this writing, we have only had the SurveyTracker software for six months. During that time, it has paid for itself tenfold, and we are still finding new uses for it everyday.”

“Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention the great technical support that is provided. Whenever I have had any question or problem, there was someone that responded within 24 hours. On occasion, I have suggested some improvements in the product that they may want to consider that would help our operations. To my surprise, many of the suggestions would be included in the next update.”

“Not only is SurveyTracker the best survey software on the market, they have the best people standing behind it to lend a hand when needed.”

The Hartford

“As a Learning and Performance department we have been using SurveyTracker for the past two years to capture established matrixes to determine the success of our training initiatives for our division.”

“One particular training initiative is a monthly conference call to approx. 100 sales and service staff in 32 sales offices to keep them up to date on the latest product or contract information. A survey is created each month and placed on the training website for them to access after the class. From the results of the surveys, we are able to capture the effectiveness of the training by providing skill check questions and receive feedback from the participants to enhance future training sessions.”

“On a non training issue, a web survey was created in SurveyTracker for the Marketing department to poll the audience of their Newsletter via e-mail to find out if it was providing the right type of articles, what other information they would like to see, and how often they read it, etc. The feedback they received provided them with information to determine helped them determine what, if any modifications should be made for future newsletters.”

“SurveyTracker is very easy to use and customize. The surveys can be scaled for varying degrees of complexity and audience size. Creating the surveys is a quick process. It is very easy to collect the data, and generate a report as simple or complex as needed.”

“Training Technologies has provided quick responses to any issues that came up during my initial learning period.”

“I can always rely on their knowledge and great customer service to help me with any issues that come up.”

Golf Datatech

Golf Datatech has successfully been fielding web based surveys for close to 2 years. SurveyTracker has allowed us to provide timely, cost effective research for our golf industry clients to assist them in their marketing, communication and advertising needs.

SurveyTracker web survey creation is fun and quick, data collection is simple and tabulation and reporting is easy and effective. And the TTI technical staff is always on hand with timely responses to any and all questions.

SurveyTracker has truly been an asset to Golf Datatech’s business.

The Northern Arizona Regional Behavioral Health Authority (NARBHA)

NARBHA is a private non-profit regional health authority based in the state of Arizona. The organization purchased SurveyTracker E-Mail/Web software and has had great success using it to conduct surveys for Staff Satisfaction, 360° Evaluations, and Client Satisfaction.

Before SurveyTracker, NARBHA’s Administrative Support Manager conducted evaluations on paper, entered all data manually, and then performed statistical analysis through hand calculations. SurveyTracker allows the manager to conduct the same surveys via e-mail, collect the data automatically, and perform rapid statistical analysis and reporting.

The software has netted many improvements. For example, there has been a marked increase in productivity during statistical analysis and reporting. These tasks now require less than an hour when they once took over a week to complete. Also, NARBHA’s survey respondents have reported an increased sense of confidentiality when taking the electronic surveys and this has resulted in greater response rates and more confident data.


Global Knowledge and Language Services (GKLS), an organization of Xerox CorporationCorporate Strategic Services has been successfully using SurveyTracker to assist with Needs Analysis in designing training programs for internal and external clients. Being able to increase the amount of data as part of a needs analysis provides for increased accuracy in determining how training programs should be designed for maximum impact. Using SurveyTracker along with traditional methods, including focus groups and teleconferences, GKLS was able to better design and deliver training courses to their internal clients that best matched the needs of Xerox’s internal and external customers.

GKLS reported that their internal clients have been extremely impressed at how quickly GKLS was able to design and deploy web-based surveys then collected reported on the responses of their audience. The clients were looking at a week to develop, deploy then collect and sort the finding where Xerox, GKLS handled the task in hours.

The U.S. Department of the Interior

The Department of the Interior’s Management Control Automated Assessment Team was presented with Vice President Gore’s Hammer Award on April 5, 1999. The Hammer Award is given to Federal employee teams whose work results in a government that works better and costs less. The Automated Assessment Team developed and successfully pilot tested a self-assessment program designed to promote and ensure integrity and accountability in all Department programs and operations in accordance with OMB Circular A-123, Management Accountability and Control.

The Department’s annual management control assessments were consuming about $5.5 million annually in staff and related resources. The assessments had a total “negative” focus – uncovering material weaknesses, and did absolutely nothing to identify and promote “best practices” which could be shared and utilized throughout the Department.

The Automated Assessment Team developed an innovative, cost-effective assessment alternative using a commercial off-the-shelf surveying and diagnostic software tool (SURVEYTRACKER). Self-assessments were conducted over bureau e-mail networks and were based on 8 management integrity measures developed by the Team that encompassed the objectives and standards for management control prescribed in OMB Circular A-123. The assessment results were plotted and depicted in simple, summary diagrams for senior managers which identified both areas of material weaknesses and best practices in the 8 measurement areas. Use of the automated assessment program in pilot tests over the last two fiscal years resulted in:

  • A 92 percent annual reduction in staff time required for planning, conducting, analyzing and reporting the results of assessments – 50 staff years, or approximately a $5 million savings on an annual basis;
  • Avoidance of assessment related travel costs; and,
  • Identification of potential new material weaknesses and best practices which were not previously identified in traditional assessments of pilot program areas.