Scannable Form Surveys

User-friendly and familiar scannable forms are perfect for an organization looking for a high-tech way of conducting paper-based surveys! A paper-based survey guarantees complete compatibility with a population and the high-speed automated data collection through Scantron scanners ensures a fast turn-around of results!

Scannable Surveys are supported in both SurveyTracker Plus E-Mail/Web and SurveyTracker Plus.

Surveys are created in SurveyTracker Plus and then printed to scannable forms or sent to Scantron for professional, high-volume printing. Once the forms are printed and distributed, you can use your Scantron scanner to read the forms and insert them into SurveyTracker Plus.

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Features available in Scannable Form Surveys:

  • Use custom forms or Scantron standard forms.
  • Print your own survey or send them to Scantron for professional printing.
  • With the separate PrintFlex/ScanFlex Add-On Component, print forms to plain/blank paper purchased locally or through Scantron.
  • Personalize the survey with pre-slugged information from your Audience List or an external respondent file.
  • Control the appearance of response choice bubbles and lines for write-in comment fields.
  • Place images and logos anywhere on the page or in the header/footer.
  • Track respondents using a Bar Codes or pre-slugged respondent ID grid.
  • Litho Code support for booklets to help keep track of multi-form surveys.
  • Collect write-in responses as image clips so you can review exactly what a respondent wrote without having to hand-enter the responses.
  • Activate online or post-scan review of bad data.
  • Pre-define responses to known data prior to scanning in batches of forms.

insight20plusSurveyTracker Plus supports the following scanners:

  • iNSIGHT 20 Plus
  • iNSIGHT 20
  • iNSIGHT 4 ES
  • OpScan iNSIGHT 4 w/imaging
  • OpScan 3, 4, 4U, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 15, 21, 9010M/9020M
  • OpScan iNSIGHT 4 (OMR Only cartridge, connected via RS-232)
  • OpScan iNSIGHT 70
  • iNSIGHT 30
  • 5000i

Each standard Scantron form offers unique features such as room for open-ended responses, special codes, date codes, and more.

Standard forms supported include:

  • Data Sheet I (form #257545)
  • Data Sheet II (form #257530)
  • Data Sheet IV (form #257532)
  • Information Data Sheet (form #257537)
  • General Purpose Data Sheet (form #257515)
  • General Purpose Data Sheet (form #257519)
  • General Purpose Data Sheet (form #257521)
  • Blank custom form (form #257558)

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