Survey-by-USB / Kiosk

Survey-by-USB is a survey placed on a USB thumb drive or similar media and distributed to respondents. Respondents open a program on the drive to access and complete the survey. When everyone has responded, the data file is returned to the survey administrator and read into SurveyTracker.

Survey-by-USB is supported in both SurveyTracker Plus and SurveyTracker Plus E-Mail/Web.

Features available in Survey-by-USB:

  • Survey-by-Disk - ST56Define Skip/Hit patterns.
  • Personalize the survey with mail merge tags containing information from your Audience List (when creating one disk per respondent).
  • Create multi-page surveys.
  • Define fonts, font colors, background colors, etc. The survey looks the same as it does in survey design.
  • Place images and logos anywhere on the page or in the header/footer of each screen.
  • Add Save and Resume capabilities so respondents can continue the survey at a later time.
  • Add a Print Responses option to the survey.
  • Add a Percent Complete progress meter at the bottom of each page.
  • Encrypt the data file for enhanced security.
  • Define custom Welcome and Thank You pages.


Kiosk Mode

A kiosk survey is a special mode in Survey-by-USB. With this option activated, a Survey-by-USB is placed on an independent computer that is usually located in an area convenient to the potential respondents. Once a respondent completes the survey, a new survey automatically starts for the next respondent. A password is required to exit the survey.