SurveyTracker Features

Distribution Methods

FeaturePlusPlus E-Mail/Web
Web (w/ email invitations)Yes
Paper (non-scannable)YesYes
Scannable FormYesYes
Survey-by-USB (thumb drive)YesYes

Survey Design General Features

FeaturePlusPlus E-Mail/Web
WYSIWYG Drag-and-Drop InterfaceYesYes
Pages per SurveyVariesVaries
Questions per SurveyVariesVaries
Scales Per QuestionVariesVaries
Scale Choices per QuestionVariesVaries
See Scale Types Supported
Hidden QuestionsYesYes
Multi-Lingual SurveysYesYes
Customizable Layout / Color ThemesYesYes
Page NumberingYesYes

Web Survey Features

FeaturePlusPlus E-Mail/Web
Host Surveys on Your Web ServerYes
Skip and Hit Navigation - Single Response ScalesYes
Skip and Hit Navigation - Multiple Response ScalesYes
Merge Audience Info into SurveyYes
Save and ResumeYes
Response PipingYes
"Must Complete" questionsYes
Limit Write-In Response Length (single row)Yes
Enforce Write-In Numeric RangeYes
Enforce Date RangeYes
Multiple Choice - Enforce Exactly X ChoicesYes
Multiple Choice - Enforce No More Than X ChoicesYes
Enforce Fixed SumYes
Display Percent CompleteYes
Survey Time LimitYes
Add Link to External Web PageYes
Password Entry into SurveyYes
Password GeneratorYes
Require e-mail invitations / Respondent IDYes
Limit Responses based on Respondent IDYes
Limit Responses Using CookiesYes
Accessibility Surveys for Smart PhonesYes
Accessibility Surveys for Blind and Visually ImpairedYes
Display Custom Thank-You on SubmitYes
Redirect to New URL on SubmitYes
Restart Survey on SubmitYes

Scannable Form Design Features

FeaturePlusPlus E-Mail/Web
Print Surveys on Your Local Laser PrinterYesYes
Print Surveys on Standard FormsYesYes
Send Form to Scantron for Professional PrintingYesYes
OMR Grid LibraryYesYes
Custom OMR GridsYesYes
Respondent ID Grid (track respondents from audience list)YesYes
Response merge (pre-slug) audience info into OMR gridsYesYes
Litho Code SupportYesYes
Hide Question TextYesYes
Hide Response Bubble ValuesYesYes
Change Response Bubble colorsYesYes
Hide or modify write-in response field linesYesYes
Lines, circles, rectangles, and polygonsYesYes

Survey-by-USB Features

FeaturePlusPlus E-Mail/Web
Place Surveys on USB thumb driveYesYes
Place Surveys on NetworkYesYes
Place Surveys on KioskYesYes
Skip and Hit YesYes
Save and ResumeYesYes
"Must Complete" questionsYesYes
Limit Write-In Response Length (single row)YesYes
Enforce Write-In Numeric RangeYesYes
Enforce Date RangeYesYes
Enforce Fixed SumYesYes
Add Link to External Web PageYesYes
Limit Responses based on Respondent IDYesYes
Restart Survey on SubmitYesYes
Require Password to Close SurveyYesYes
Encrypt DataYesYes

Audience List Features

FeaturePlusPlus E-Mail/Web
Link Response Data to Audience RecordsYesYes
Unlimited Audience MembersYesYes
Fields per Audience MembersUp to 200Up to 200
Manual Entry/EditingYesYes
Import from External FileYesYes
Import from E-Mail Address BookYesYes
Print Respondent Info on Survey/FormYesYes
Send E-Mail Invitations to AudienceYes
Password Entry OptionYes

Survey Distribution Features

FeaturePlusPlus E-Mail/Web
Distribute Surveys Across Multiple Methods Over TimeYesYes
Anonymous DistributionYesYes
Link Responses to Audience ListYesYes
Audience SamplingYesYes
Web Survey DistributionYes
Send E-Mail Invitations to Web SurveysYes
Send Reminders to Non-RespondentsYes
Scannable Form DistributionYesYes
Kiosk SurveysYesYes
Paper (non-scannable) SurveysYesYes

Data Collection Features

FeaturePlusPlus E-Mail/Web
Manual Data Entry & EditingYesYes
Collect Web Survey ResponsesYes
Read Scannable FormsYesYes
Read Survey-by-USB or Kiosk DataYesYes
Import Response Data from External FilesYesYes
Export Response DataYesYes
Normative Data SupportYesYes
Review and Edit Write-In CommentsYesYes
Code Write-In ResponsesYesYes
Pre-Define Response DataYesYes

Report Design Features

FeaturePlusPlus E-Mail/Web
Create New ReportsYesYes
Create Copy of ReportsYesYes
Template-based reportsYesYes
Print and Export Reports to PDFYesYes
Simple and Advanced Data FilteringYesYes
Global FiltersYesYes
Simple and Advanced StatisticsYesYes
Quick TablesYesYes
Advanced Multi-Analysis TableYesYes
Statistical TableYesYes
Evaluation TablesYesYes
Scoring TablesYesYes
Write-In ResponsesYesYes
Write-In Response Word MaskingYesYes

Project Management Features

FeaturePlusPlus E-Mail/Web
Project TableYesYes
Project Import/ExportYesYes
Recent Project ListYesYes
Survey LibraryYesYes
Style LIbraryYesYes
Question LibraryYesYes
Message LibraryYesYes
Image LibraryYesYes