SurveyTracker Network

SurveyTracker Network is designed to help you keep organized and collaborating with the other members of your work group.

SurveyTracker Network is an excellent solution for organizations that want to house their SurveyTracker database on a network server and allow sharing of projects between users and groups. SurveyTracker allows users to share survey development responsibilities between team members through sharing of entire projects or only portions of the project. For example, a user can share his or her survey design and lock down other areas such as the audience list or response data. Users can also allow others to simply review their work or they can provide full editing capabilities.

SurveyTracker Network streamlines the development, distribution, data collection, and reporting on any kind of survey your organization needs to conduct. Based on the version of SurveyTracker Network you purchase, you can conduct web surveys, scannable form surveys, classic paper surveys, or USB thumb-drive-based surveys. Data collection is a snap and you can generate a number of powerful reports that are easy to distribute.

For more information about the features shared with the desktop versions of SurveyTracker, click the links below:

Harness the Power of Your Network

Do your employees need a way to develop survey projects as a team? Could your team’s productivity be better because everyone is working independently? Would you like several departments to have access to survey results? If so SurveyTracker Network is the answer for you.

SurveyTracker Network places the project database for all users on a server and a client version of the software on the workstations. When a user logs into SurveyTracker from a workstation, they can access their own projects and any projects others users have shared with them.

SurveyTracker Network is available in a Concurrent User License:

  • The server version is installed and registered on the network server and the workstations are installed on as many systems as needed.
  • The number of users who can login and work at the workstations at one time is based on the number of concurrent user licenses purchased.
  • The diagram below represents the Concurrent User configuration. In this example of a 5 concurrent user license, 10 workstations have SurveyTracker Network installed. But only 5 users are able to use SurveyTracker at the same time.


Integrated Administration Tools

SurveyTracker Network Administration - Add UserWhen several users or groups are involved in survey projects, centralized SurveyTracker administrators become the backbone of the team.

The administrators can:

  • Create new user accounts
  • Create new user groups
  • Assign User or Administrative rights to users
  • Review project status and content created by all users
  • Create Library content accessible to all users
  • Reassign projects to other users as needed
  • Backup the database
  • Define password strength
Project Sharing and Notification

Users can work solo on their own projects – but when they decide to share the project with other users, it only takes a few clicks of the mouse! A shared project allows multiple users to collaborate on the survey project at the same time.

With Project Sharing:

  • SurveyTracker Network SharingUsers pick individuals or groups with whom they want to share their projects.
  • Each user or group can be assigned individual permissions to the project (Full Control, Read-Only, Custom, or Deny).
  • Custom permissions can be assigned to a project so that access to specific areas of the project can be limited for specific people.
  • Projects, audience lists, and each of the user-definable libraries can be shared independently.

Bob creates a project and shares it with three users: Albert, Sarah, and Antonia.

  • Bob automatically has Full Control over his entire project.
  • Bob shares the project with Albert and gives him Full Control over survey design so he can work on the survey itself but is denied access to the rest of the project.
  • Sarah is given Full Control over Data Collection and Reports so she can enter and review response data AND generate informative tables and graphs.
  • Antonia is given Review permission to reports so she can see the results but not modify them.

Users who need access to an area of a project that is opened by another user can opt to receive a notice when the user closes out of the project as well.

System Requirements

SurveyTracker Network is a Client/Server software application.

Network Server Requirements

The SurveyTracker Network Server is installed on a computer on your network that acts as a server for the client applications. The server database houses the user and project database and facilitates communication and sharing between workstations.

The Network Server system requirements are:

  • 1 Ghz or faster processor (Installations serving more than that 4 concurrent users may benefit from additional or faster processors).
  • 1 GB RAM (Additional system RAM may be needed and is dependent on the number of concurrent users).
  • 1 GB hard disk space (Base install is around 150MB – additional drive space is needed and is dependent on the number and size of survey projects for all users).
  • CD-ROM drive for installation.
  • 100 Base-T Ethernet or faster network connection.
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.
  • SurveyTracker uses ports 61982, 61983, and 61984 to facilitate communication (these ports may be changed).
  • Administrative rights required during installation.
Additional Server Installation Considerations:

Network Client Requirements:

The SurveyTracker Network Client applications are installed on workstation computers on the same network as the server. The client installation consists of the SurveyTracker application which interfaces with the server and database to display the user’s projects.

The Network Client system requirements are:

  • IBM PC or compatible with at least an Intel Pentium 4 processor.
  • At least 1GB RAM (2GB or more is strongly recommended).
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10.
  • CD-ROM drive for installation.
  • Approximately 250MB of hard disk space.
  • Monitor resolution of at least 800×600.
  • Display properties set to 96 DPI or equivalent.
  • Administrative rights during installation.
Additional Client Installation Considerations: