Risk Management Surveys

Risk management is a vital organizational task that is often overlooked in today’s “get it done quickly” world. At its basic, risk management is the identification, assessment, prioritization, and actions taken to mitigate risks that the organization and its employees face on a day-to-day and year-to-year basis. Risk management is a culture that the organization should foster and both management and employees need to take seriously.

Risks can include:

  • Uncertainty in the financial markets
  • Legal risks such as lawsuits
  • Physical dangers on the job
  • Project failures that risk the health of employees and the profitability of the company
  • Dangers from inclement weather such as hurricanes or earthquakes, and much more.
  • Credit risks

Examples of Risk Management Surveys:

  • Risk Management Cultural Awareness surveys seek to determine if the concepts of risk management, awareness, and safety are ingrained into the organizational culture.
  • Risk Reviews are an ongoing review of all the risks associated with the various job responsibilities in the organization.
  • Disaster Preparedness reviews take a look at your organization to see if there are systems in place to handle natural and man-made disasters. If there is a disaster recovery plan, do the employees know how to safely escape the building, and so forth.
  • Market Risk Analysis seeks to determine if the organization has examined the market in which it operates and if it can smoothly handle new competition or transition to alternate markets, if necessary.
  • Employee Turn-Over Risk analysis looks at how tied the organization is to the existing employee structure and whether the organization can handle the loss of key personnel.

Risk Management is a very important tool for any organization and can be the difference between the business or being successful in the years and decades to come. Well-crafted surveys and assessments of the various aspects of Risk Management is an important step you should take at the start of your Risk Management plans and should be carried out routinely to ensure that everyone is on board and remains on board throughout the life of the organization. It’s an on-going process that can be conducted on the web or via printed scannable forms.

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