Web Surveys for Online Distribution

Surveys created in SurveyTracker can be uploaded to a web server for easy access 24/7. All the respondent needs is the link and a Web browser.

Once you are done designing a survey in the SurveyTracker survey design screen, the survey is converted into the files you need to upload and run the survey online.

Web Surveys are supported in SurveyTracker Plus E-Mail/Web

When hosting a web survey on your web server or your web server host, SurveyTracker creates the files on your computer and you transfer them to your web server. The survey operates on, and collects data from, your web server. The web server you use can be your organization’s web server or a site that you are using to host web content (such as GoDaddy, Rackspace, etc.).

Web surveys can be placed on your web server and you can provide the URL/Link to your respondents manually or by sending e-mail invitations automatically through your e-mail program. E-mail invitations provide a unique link and content for each respondent and you can also track who has and has not responded and send reminders to non-respondents.

Other great features such as Save and Resume, response piping, skip and hit patterns with early submit options, and the ability to control actions on submit (display a thank you page, redirect to a different web page, or restart the survey) are all available as well.

See the table below for many more great features.

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Web Survey Features

FeaturePlusPlus E-Mail/Web
Host Surveys on Your Web ServerYes
Skip and Hit Navigation - Single Response ScalesYes
Skip and Hit Navigation - Multiple Response ScalesYes
Merge Audience Info into SurveyYes
Save and ResumeYes
Response PipingYes
"Must Complete" questionsYes
Limit Write-In Response Length (single row)Yes
Enforce Write-In Numeric RangeYes
Enforce Date RangeYes
Multiple Choice - Enforce Exactly X ChoicesYes
Multiple Choice - Enforce No More Than X ChoicesYes
Enforce Fixed SumYes
Display Percent CompleteYes
Survey Time LimitYes
Add Link to External Web PageYes
Password Entry into SurveyYes
Password GeneratorYes
Require e-mail invitations / Respondent IDYes
Limit Responses based on Respondent IDYes
Limit Responses Using CookiesYes
Accessibility Surveys for Smart PhonesYes
Accessibility Surveys for Blind and Visually ImpairedYes
Display Custom Thank-You on SubmitYes
Redirect to New URL on SubmitYes
Restart Survey on SubmitYes

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