SurveyTracker for Educational Organizations

Strong educational systems today often depend on the support and participation of students, parents and the community. One method they often employ are tools such as course evaluations, teacher evaluations, student assessments, parent surveys, and more. Often, an education system will rely on proven survey software packages to help them gather the critical data they need. Schools that tailor education using feedback from surveys are able to attract the best teachers, produce exceptional students and contribute value to the community.

Since the early 1990’s, SurveyTracker survey software has been used by educators and education providers to survey their students, faculty, staff, alumni, and parents. Because of the extensive survey design and reporting capabilities in SurveyTracker, education providers have found SurveyTracker to be the survey software of choice to meet their needs.

SurveyTracker provides a variety of tools to help you gain the specific feedback you need from parents, teachers and students of all ages. From basic surveys to more comprehensive questionnaires, SurveyTracker provides tools for comparing expectations and performance, examining social issues surrounding your school’s success, and testing the practicality of curriculum and even the value of extra-curricular activities.

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You can use this important information to direct future growth, focus on key improvements, and increase the overall satisfaction necessary to build a strong reputation and long-term success.

Some popular surveys for the education market include:

  • Parent Surveys which compare the school district’s performance with parental expectations of the parents’ perceptions of the quality of education at the school.
  • Student Surveys that provide important information about student interaction with peers, teachers and parents.
  • Course Evaluations that allow the students to provide feedback about the professor/teacher, workload, text books, etc.
  • Faculty Surveys that assess your teachers and/or their perceptions of the quality of education, student and parent relationships and the overall working environment of the school.
  • Pre-Job Interview Checklists which list concerns that should be considered by an applicant prior to the job interview. In addition, it includes a list of materials that should be taken to an interview.
  • Alumni Surveys solicit information from former student about their present involvement in alumni activities and their desire for future involvement.
  • Student Drug Awareness Surveys attempt to obtain honest, open answers about student alcohol and drug use.
  • Training Assessments for both students and faculty.


Where/how can I purchase SurveyTracker?

SurveyTracker can be purchased directly through Scantron Corporation. Please contact us for more information or review our software and survey services options.

What kind of surveys can I create with SurveyTracker?

SurveyTracker allows you to create any kind of survey, poll, questionnaire, or assessment you need. For educational insistutions, the most peopular offerings include Course and Instructor Evaluations, parent and alumni surveys, and student and teacher satisfaction surveys.

Can I use a paper/OMR scanner with SurveyTracker?

SurveyTracker Plus and SurveyTracker Plus E-Mail/Web work with a number of popular Scantron scanners.

Scantron Scanners Supported:

  • iNSIGHT 20 Plus
  • iNSIGHT 20
  • iNSIGHT 30
  • iNSIGHT 4 ES
  • OpScan 4 ES
  • OpScan iNSIGHT 4 (OMR Only cartridge, connected via RS-232)
  • OpScan iNSIGHT 4 w/imaging
  • OpScan 3, 4, 4U, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 15, 21, 9010M/9020M
  • iNSIGHT 70
  • iNSIGHT 150
  • 5000i

Can I conduct a course evaluation with SurveyTracker?

Absolutely, you can conduct Course and Teacher/Instructor Evaluations with SurveyTracker. Based on two pieces of information – the name of the professor or course and the course number/name, SurveyTracker even generates automated reports for each person/course evaluated. We even offer a Course Evaluation Add-On that opens the software up to schools and universities with a larger number of courses/instructors.