State and Local Governments

TTI is registered with a number of state/local government pricing schedules. If you work for a state government, please contact us for more information about the status of SurveyTracker in your area.

If you would like to provide us with information about your local government’s pricing schedule, we would be happy to hear from you. please email with any details or suggestions you have.


State of Ohio

The State of Ohio has recognized that it is advantageous to the state and local governments to do business with Training Technologies under a State Term Contract rather than through a competitive bidding or proposal process. This means that obtaining separate proposals or bids to other suppliers is not required during the SurveyTracker purchasing process.

The contract with the State of Ohio applies to the state government as well as state agencies (including any board, instrumentality, commission, or other political bodies) and other local governments (such as counties, municipalities, and townships). These organizations may acquire SurveyTracker products based on the discounted pricing offered in the contract.

OH State Term Schedule:

  • Contract: #534104
  • Index: #STS033